Snail Smoke Sauce


·         4 Cups                         White Sugar

·         2/3 Cup                       Kikkoman Soy Sauce

·         1 2/3 Cup                    White Distilled Vinegar

·         2 6-oz cans                  Tomato paste

·         2 Tablespoons             Course ground black pepper

·         4 Tablespoons             Garlic salt

·         2 Teaspoons                Ground red pepper flakes*

·         2 Teaspoons                Celery seed

·         1 Teaspoon                  Non iodized salt


Combine white sugar, soy sauce and vinegar into pot and heat on medium-low until sugar fully dissolves.  Turn stovetop down to low and mix in remaining ingredients.  A hand blender (“outboard motor”) works great for this.  Heat only long enough to meld flavors.

* Ground fine in a coffee bean grinder






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