(The only name I’ve ever known them by.)

By Robert Jacobs



Ingredients – Full Recipe:


Ingredients – Half Recipe:




Heat Shortening and sugar until shortening is melted. Sugar does NOT dissolve.

Add Molasses, coffee, Lemon juice, eggs, Half and half*, and spices.

Mixture before flour should be kept warm on stove, to make mixing flour in easier. Gradually stir in Flour until very stiff, then knead with hands.


Roll out thick, cut and bake at 350°.  7 – 10 minutes.


*Half and Half should be warm.


Icing – mix powdered sugar, evaporated milk and flavoring (orange, lemon, or almond extracts are good.)  Don’t make it too thin.  Be frugal with the milk when finding the right consistency.


Ice the cookies a tray at a time using a pastry brush.  Then decorate with colored sugar and/or sprinkles.  Use cooling racks on cookie sheets to catch the drippings.  Cookies can be transferred to a flat surface after a few minutes to finish drying.



Dough may be kept UNrefridgerated over night.