Bang Bang Shrimp

DESCRIPTION: “Tender, crispy, wild gulf shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce.”

This appetizer is an attractive dish with bang-up flavor. Especially if you like your food on the spicy side. The heat comes from the secret sauce near the Asian foods in your market – and while you’re in there, pick up some rice vinegar. Once the sauce is made, you coat the shrimp in a simple seasoned breading; fry them to a nice golden brown, toss them gently in the sauce, and then serve them up on a bed of mixed greens to hungry folks who, hopefully, have a cool drink nearby to mellow the sting.


Spicy Sauce




  1. Combine all ingredients for chili sauce in a small bowl. Mix. Cover the sauce and set aside for now.
  2. Combine the beaten egg with milk in a shallow bowl. Mix flour, panko, salt, black pepper, sage, onion power, garlic powder, and basil in another shallow bowl.
  3. Heat shortening or oil to 350° degrees F. Use the amount of oil required by your fryer.
  4. Bread the shrimp by first coating each with the breading. Dip breaded shrimp into the egg and milk mixture, and then back into the breading. Arrange the coated shrimp on a plate and pop them into the fridge for at least twenty (20) minutes. This step will help the breading to stick on the shrimp when they are frying.
  5. When your oil is hot, fry the shrimp for 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown. Drain on a rack or paper towels. When all the shrimp have been fried, drop the shrimp into a large bowl. Spoon about ¼ cup of the sauce over the shrimp and stir gently to coat. Stack the shrimp on a bed of mixed greens, then sprinkle the stack with chopped green onions.


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